H1 Updates

12/12/18: Budget Development, Increased Construction Costs, Beyond the STEAM and Theater Projects: Witter Field & More, Closure of Alan Harvey Theater and Relocation Planning, Relocation of the College & Career Center, Relocation of Shipping & Receiving, Community Updates

9/26/18:  Timeline and Milestones, Summer 2018 Projects, Spring 2019 Closure of Alan Harvey Theater,  Spring 2019 Closure of Witter Field, STEAM Building Update, New Alan Harvey Theater Update, Community Updates

6/13/18:  Timeline and Milestones, STEAM Building and New Alan Harvey Theater Update, H1 Project List, H1 Program Budget, Summer 2018 Projects, What to Expect in 2018-19

11/8/17:  Selection of General Contractor, New FAQ “Why Replace Alan Harvey Theater?”

10/11/17:  Criteria and Process for Selection of a General Contractor, Private Fundraising to Enhance the STEAM and Theater Projects,  Calendar of Measure H1 Program Milestones,  Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

9/27/17:  Schematic Designs for STEAM and New Alan Harvey Theater

9/18/17:  HKIT Presentation of Schematic Designs and Design Principles

9/13/17:  Refining Concept Designs, Location of PHS’ Administrative and Counseling Offices, Addition of Teaching and Rehearsal Space in Alan Harvey Theater, Maximizing State Matching Funds, Coordination with City Staff

8/23/17:  Summer 2017 Projects, Establishing Design Goals for New High School Facilities, Gathering Teacher Input,  Applying for State Matching Funds, Evaluating Construction “Delivery Methods,”  Proposed Engineering Studies & Lighting Improvements for Witter Field, Public Review and Input Concerning Concept Designs

5/10/17 Presentation: Concept Design for New High School STEAM Facilities

5/10/17:  Concept Design for New High School STEAM Facilities

4/26/17:  The Scope of Measure H1,  High School Facilities, The Original Concept Designs,  Community Engagement,  The Revised Concept Designs, Interim Housing, Selecting a Concept Design by Early June, Renovation vs. Replacement of Alan Harvey Theater, Next Steps

2/8/17:  Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee, Facilities Steering Committee, Selection of Architects, Videos, Town Hall Meetings

1/24/17:  Selection of Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee Members, Expansion of Facilities Steering Committee, Bond Organization, Process and Timeline for Selection of Architects, Communications Timeline