05/08/19: H1 Facilities Bond Program Update


TO: Board of Education
FROM: Randall Booker, Superintendent
Pete Palmer, Director of Facilities and Measure H1 Program Manager
DATE: May 8, 2018


Completion of Abatement and Removal of Hazardous Materials

The District previously reported on plans to abate and remove hazardous materials from the original Alan Harvey theater (see the H1 update dated March 27, 2019, the presentation by environmental hygienist Mark Milani at the Board of Education meeting on March 27, 2019 [starting at 52 minutes], and the related FAQ dated October 2018).  All abatement and removal was completed, and inspected by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (both during and after the work) and Cal/OSHA.  Both oversight agencies noted compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Demolition of Alan Harvey Theater and the Breezeway Trellis

Overaa has demolished the original Alan Harvey Theater and hauled away the debris.  Overaa is now re-grading the site and preparing to build the foundation for the new STEAM building.

In connection with the new STEAM building, the District will upgrade underground site utilities this summer.  To do this work, the District will dig a large trench through the Piedmont High School breezeway. To prepare for this work, the District removed the breezeway trellis.

While the underground utilities work is underway this summer, access to all PHS classroom buildings and the Student Center will be limited for safety reasons.

Witter Field Repairs

The District has completed repairs of the Witter Field turf including replacement of the center “P.”

30s Building Upgrades

Also this summer, the District will upgrade the heating and ventilation equipment in the PHS 30s building in classrooms that currently have radiators.  The new equipment will be highly energy efficient and improve the teaching and learning environment.

Parking and Traffic

To reduce congestion and promote pedestrian safety, the District is urging families to avoid Magnolia Avenue between Hillside Avenue and Highland Avenue if possible.  For those who need to drop off or pick up students on Magnolia, all drop-off and pick-up — for PHS, MHS, and PMS — the designated loading/unloading area is in front of PMS and the 40s building.  The District is fabricating signs to install along Magnolia to direct drivers to the designated drop-off and pick up area.

Also, the District and City are continuing to refine parking and traffic plans around the construction site.  At the District’s request, the City repainted the curb in front of PMS and the 40s building to create a large “white zone.”  This means that the area is primarily for passenger loading and unloading only. This change from the current “green zone” to a new “white zone” is needed because some people were parking there during peak drop-off hours.